OSG Tap & Die

OSG Tap & Die, Advanced Technology in Threadling and Drilling products.

OSG Tap & Die is dedicated to precision manufacturing of taps, end mills, drills, and thread-making tools and to developing the highest quality products using environmentally friendly processes.

All of our standard products include features offered as premium products by our competition.  Our cutting tools last longer, hold closer tolerances, and stand up to abrasion and galling.

The company's advancements in cutting tool design and production have produced very high quality tools that are setting new standards for productivity and performance in the cutting of alloys, stainless steels, and exotic space-age materials.

OSG also offers an extensive line of High Technology cutting tools designed for use in today's most aggressive conditions.  These premium tools feature exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and unique surface treatments.  The surface treatments help to increase productivity, reliability, and tool life while reducing machining time, scrap, and down time.

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