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RMT is located in Monterrey Nuevo Leon, established in 1990 and dedicated to commercialize Cutting Tools, Toolholders and Measuring Instruments. We have technical support and expertise of our staff and our suppliers to offer high quality products and excellent service.

We aim to be a leader in our industry, offering high performance products for metal cutting operations.

Product Overview
From behalf of our suppliers, we offer an extensive line of High Technology cutting tools designed for use in today's most aggressive conditions.  These premium tools feature a wide variety of metallurgic materials, cutting geometries and surface treatments.  The surface treatments help to increase productivity, reliability, and tool life while reducing machining time, scrap, and down time.

Quality Policy and Service Industry

To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing cutting tools, measuring instruments and toolholders through a competitive, efficient and professional service, relying on the distribution of products recognized in the market, all manufactured under the highest quality standards.

Maintenance and Repair Services
We offer carbide tool re-sharpening and toolholder repairment on our facilities.

On behalf of our suppliers, we also offer the service of manufacture and adaptation of tools to suit customer needs, seeking to optimize the process and user satisfaction based on efficiency and quality

We hope to serve you.

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